When adding tags, alphabet cannot convert to Japanese

When I add tags for listing, it disappears after editing a website. It happens out of nowhere and I cannot seem to find the reason, but it started to happen when I deactivated the Marketplace plugin and Import plugin.

I found out that all the tags get deleted when I deactivated the Marketplace plugin and reactivated the plugin. Previously added ones are fine and staying there somehow.

Do you have any ideas about what triggers this issue? (I need to add 15 more tags but I’m afraid it’ll get deleted again and I have to do it again and again…)


If you use the Tags extension, Its application allows users to define and add tags themselves.
Please try not to pre-add tags, as empty tags are deleted. For example, you can add tags by editing the listing on your website.

That makes it clear why it didn’t work.

Because I wanted to add tags beforehand is that users can’t add tags by themselves if it’s in Japanese.
When users try to type tags on submit-listing page, alphabet cannot convert to Japanese.
For example, we need to press “nn” in order to get a letter “ん”, but tag section only shows “nn”.

Typing in Japanese doesn’t work only on laptop view. When try typing from mobile, it works well.

Please advise.

Please let me know if you mean searching tags (to get auto-suggestions from the drop-down), or when you enter tags in Japanese they are saved in the incorrect encoding? If possible describe all the steps to reproduce the issue, if there’s a bug we’ll fix it.

I will send a video to the support email, so please check! Thank you,

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