When and what features will be released in the next updates of themes and extensions

I wanted to ask about the future plans for updates and development of the themes and plugin. It has been some time since the last updates, and I am curious to know what is in store for the future.

Currently, all I have seen is that it is on the roadmap, but there is no specific date or detailed information provided. As a paying customer, I believe it would be fair to have an overview of the upcoming updates, roadmap, and planned development.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, we don’t have a public roadmap with timeframes yet, but we plan to release it as soon as the release cycles become stable. Currently there are a few pre-releases (some features are ordered as custom work and we make pre-releases, then releasing a public update once there are a few features and fixes). Updates planned for this week include Import, Bookings and Statistics.

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Thank you for your response. I hope that those updates will be available soon. The most anticipated feature is the ability to click on the username and see a profile.

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