When creating an ad template, there’s a bug when adding the similar listings block

When creating an ad template, there’s a bug when adding the similar ads block: the title is oversized. How can this be rectified?

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I’ve deactivated everything, but that doesn’t change anything.
I created a “Classifieds” template in HivePress, then I added HivePress blocks: “Choose a category”, “Title”, “Tag”, “Toolbar”, “Rating”, “Images”, “Description”, “Attributes (Primary)”, “Attributes (Secondary)”, “Booking form”, “Map”, “Actions (Primary)”, “Reviews (Similar)”, “Attributes (Primary)”, and “Classifieds (Similar)”, all HivePress blocks. All work correctly except the “Ads (Similar)” block, where the title is oversized.


Sorry for the inconvenience. This is a known bug, and we plan to fix it in future updates.

When will this bug be fixed?

Unfortunately there’s no easy solution for this yet because in HivePress listings are styled via the container class and in case of templates it also wraps the inner listings so both styles are applied. We’ll try to resolve this by adding specific CSS styles for each theme but this requires a few updates.

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