When you log out of the site, the coming soon page is displayed

Shouldn’t there be a login page, when I log out through the website as a user, it logs out my WordPress account and there isn’t a login page to log back into the website


I am no hive staff but I understand the following: when you login, you don’t login to a website’s template, you login to a Wordpress website which has a look (theme) installed. Some login users like administrator will have access to admin controls, regular users will just have access to use whatever you set they can use, such as reading your content and if you’re using hivepress using hivepress plugins to input their content in your website.

I hope that can answer your question. :slight_smile:

To log back in you can to click on Wordpress link below, input your credentials and then reenter your link.com/home

Okay, How can other users signup then? like a login/signup page for Rental Hive
To test the login/signup setup for the website itself

To start, it looks like you have your bluehost account set to “Coming Soon”, you will have to change that whenever you decide someone random creates an account.

For random people to login, after they have access to your site, they can attempt to list a property and at that moment, through that process they will have to create an account.

Another alternative is you can opt to create users manually through your Wordpress admin controls, under “users” tab. You can do this even with the coming soon still turned on in bluehost.

Okay thank you so much, I have another question

There are only three pages listed on my dashboard
Home, Property and Blog

But there other subpages there, like Account/settings etc

How can I access them to edit them?

Well, make sure this subpages actually exist. Can you see them in your “Pages“ tab in Wordpress? if so, you can access them from there and later add them to your menu bar or in any other link in your website.

I can’t see them

I’m seeing example.com/Accounts/settings on my website

But I don’t know how to edit it as I can’t see it in my page dashboard


Pages like Dashboard cannot be modified in WP Dashboard > Pages because they are built-in. To modify them, you need a custom implementation.

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