Where can I change the text of „post a request“


  1. where can I change the text of „post a request“. Loco translate won‘t find the slug, even though the button text can be translated.

  2. Where can I change the template of the navbar / header so I can reorder the button / request text?


  1. You can change the button’s text with Loco Translate, but changing the “submit-request” slug will require advanced customization.

  2. You can change all Header menu items in the Appearance > Menus > Header section. But if you want to change the default buttons, you have to customize the site_header_block template.

  1. Please tell me more about the solution, since “post a request” is NOT suitable for every language on this planet.

  2. Thanks

Please try following this screencast step by step How to translate an extension - HivePress Help Center This text can be found in Loco Translate/Plugins/HivePress Requests. This is the easiest way to replace static strings (those set in the source code, like button labels, links, etc) without direct code customizations.

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