Where can I see a timeline about the upcoming updates?

I remember asking about certain features in the job hive hive press theme. In particular, I want to see a way where potential employees can post their profiles for employers to search and find.

Is this in the works? Is there a time frame on this? Where can I see all of the upcoming updates that are planned for hivepress?

Yes, this feature is still on the roadmap but there’s no exact timeframe. We already implemented profile pages for regular users but there’s no page to search users yet. It’s available for companies though.

Please check feature requests with the “approved” tag here Topics tagged approved This means that we added the feature to the roadmap.

Ok, I understand if you don’t have an exact timeframe, but is it possible to give an estimate? Is it being activity worked on now or is just a future plan that won’t be finished for many years?

Sorry, currently there’s no public roadmap with estimates yet, but we plan to publish it and make it as precise as possible.

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