Where do listing reports go?

Hello, I am setting up a listing website and whenever I try to report a listing nothing happens, I fill in the report info, press the button and that’s it. I can’t see anything in the dashboard, I do not know if it’s bugged or I don’t know where to look at, but I’ve been trying to find it for sure! It’s important for me to be able to moderate the site, so any help is appreciated.

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I haven’t tested the feature yet, myself, but I believe they get emailed to the website’s admin email. If you’ve set up emails through an SMTP service, such as WP Mail SMTP by WPForms – The Most Popular SMTP and Email Log Plugin – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org then they should send automatically.

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Thank you @Andrew

@AnnHotwheel If a user reports the listing then an email notification sends to the website admin email


Thank you! It works that way indeed.

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