Where to check resolved bugs


just a simple question. I see bug reports still listed that were reported even in May 2022. I am not sure if they were solved. Seems like a lot of time.

How do we know if bugs have been cleared/solved?

Thank you!

Yes, sorry for the delays, we plan to release a roadmap with the expected fixes and features as soon as possible. For every update, we publish release notes that you can check here Release Notes - HivePress Community


I think I did not explain correctly. What I mean is that when I look at the BUG REPORTS page here in the community, it is not clear if they have been resolved already. There are bug reports from almost 2 years ago that I don’t know if they are still active.

Yes, in the release notes I know that whenever there is an update, you include the list of fixes, but it is a lot of work to look in the BUG REPORTS and then compare all of them to the Release notes and see which ones are solved.

My suggestion:

  • Add a tag on BUG REPORTS posts that have been solved (under the title or something)
  • Delete bug report posts that are cleared already (in my opinion, this is better because it takes a lot of posts out of the way)

Thank you!


a last possibility if the other 2 are not possible:

  • Move resolved bug reports to a new Topic called “Solved bugs” or something like that


We apologize for the confusion. All bug reports that appear in the confirmed status on our forum are not fixed bugs that we plan to fix in future updates. As soon as a bug is fixed, we publish a topic in the Release Notes category, and all fixed bugs are moved to a hidden category.

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