Which page to use to view your account


I am using the Taskhive theme and its marketplace plugin. I am also using woocommerce plugin as it is required.

But when I use both there are two “product list archive” pages on the website:

“Shop” page (/shop) - created by Woocommerce (empty page)
“Listings” page (/listings) - created by Task Hive (has the demo content)

This is confusing, which page should be used?

Also when I’m using these two plugins there is this error and weird stuff going on as well:

2 Account pages
/my-account → created by woocommerce
/account → created by taskhive

/my-account page → 1. does not show “messages” link and 2. “orders” link on this page goes to a page that lists my purchases as a buyer.

/account page → 1. shows messages link and 2. “orders” link goes to my sales as a vendor.

That is very confusing. Can you help please? Or am I doing something wrong?



You need to use the Listings page; the Shop page is from WooCommerce. Also, you need to use the account page from TaskHive; the one from WooCommerce needs to be deleted.

Hi Anrii,

Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated.

So I can delete the /shop page and the /my-account page?

The same goes for the “Product” menu in the WP Admin and the “Listings” menu. Both have product lists in them, but I should keep both, right, (because they have different attributes for a product)?

Also, is there a way to change the user popup menu from the admin panel? (the one on the top right that shows up when you hover the user icon)

thanks in advance,


We recommend not removing them completely but simply deleting them in Appearance > Menus. Also, if you use an SEO plugin, you can ensure they are not indexed in search. The menu account can be changed via PHP snippets. And if it labels (names), then through Loco Translate. Also, menu items are added additionally by our extensions, depending on which extension you have installed. If you do not need certain WooCommerce products and pages, you can ignore them.

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