Why does Listing Limit still allow multiple quantity purchase

I have created packages of 1 listing, so people can purchase as many “credits” as they want, so if they want to buy 10 at a time or 4 at a time they can customize that way. However when I set the listing limit to 1, and add 2 quantity to my cart and check out, it charges me for both but only gives me one!?

I would appreciate assistance with this, whether that is a functionality that can be done differently? or can I turn off the availability of purchasing multiple quantities so this doesnt happen to a customer?


Sorry, but unfortunately it doesn’t work this way, because there is no cart functionality, it immediately redirects to the checkout page.

I dont think you understand the question. And, there is a cart page and a checkout page.

I can also change the quantity in the cart, which unfortunately still only stocks the single listing to be used (regardless of how many I actually purchase)


Sorry for the confusion.

In the Paid Listings extension, we don’t use a cart yet. Most likely, you have added a link to the cart in the site header and manually go there. Because when you select a package, you are redirected to the checkout page, and there is no cart there.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

okay, I can unlink the cart that is fine. But that doesnt solve my problem. I recently created a package of 5 listings with a recurring subscription, using a dummy account I purchased the package of 5 listings and used one listing, dropping my quantity of available listings to 4. Then when my subscription came and it charged me for 5 listings, my available listings still said 4! So not only did it not add it to my current stock, it actually didnt fully replenish it. Why is this happening?

My Issue is that it is charging for paid listings but it is not properly crediting the customer account with the correct amount of paid listings.


Unfortunately, this extension version does not have the recurring billing feature.

Paid packages are packages for listings that a user buys in bulk and have the opportunity, for example, to publish five listings, and when this limit expires, he needs to buy another package.

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