Why Listing permalinks including "blog"?

When I add the keyword “blog” in the custom structure then this “blog” keyword is also get included in the listing permalinks. For example- example.com/blog/listing/listing-name

I just want to change the custom structure for my blogposts and when I try to do this by custom structure then listing’s permalinks also get changed but I don’t want to change listing permalinks.

Please help me how can I change only blogposts permalinks without changing the listing permalinks.

This is a WordPress-level setting, but default it prepends this slug to all the URLs, but it may be possible to apply it to posts only with customizations url rewriting - How do I add /blog/ as a prefix to permalink structure for blog posts, tag pages, etc.? - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

By default, it doesn’t prepend this slug to all the URLs because I worked with many custom post types in the past and there it was working fine. It prepends only in the listing permalinks. I think this is something especially related to hivepress.

Please check if this issue occurs on the demo site (login with demo/demo credentials to add a listing) https://listinghive.hivepress.io/ It always has the latest WP & HivePress versions, if it doesn’t occur there then this is probably related to some plugin or customizations that affect the URL rewrite rules.

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