Why only vendors can make offers?

I have a new installation and going through the video, and I have come to make an offer on a job.
I did register as a new user and confirmed the email, but I got a:
“Only vendors can make offers.”
What is wrong with the settings

When I look in the back end, it tells me it is only a subscriber.

As the user, I had to submit a “List a Service”, and then the user changed to a “contributor” after approval. This should not be the case.

Maybe enable the “allow direct registration” in the Hivepress → Vendor settings.


This is the obvious behavior of our expansion. Please note that only the vendor can submit an offer for requests. In our extension, a user becomes a vendor only after they have at least one published listing, or the user has registered through direct registration How to add a vendor registration form - HivePress Help Center

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