Will the stripe id be assigned to the listing after it is created on the backend

If I create a listing on the WP backend, and assign it to a vendor, will it auto assign the stripe ID to that listing?


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If you mean Stripe ID, which is used for payouts, it is stored in vendor profiles, not in listings.

Correct the Stripe ID. The vendor has created a Stripe account, but they haven’t created their first listing yet, so I will have to manually add them as a vendor/contributor and then manually add their first listing and assign it to them. I was just making sure the manually assignment to the vendor/contributor role would still have their Stripe ID attached.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. The vendor has to register through the Stripe page, where an account is linked, and the Stripe ID is stored.

If a user already has their own Standard Stripe account, it is no longer possible to link their account to Stipe Connect.

Please provide more details on how the user created the account and which account without creating a listing.

Sorry for the confusion, the vendor created a Stripe account with us through the link on our site. They have a Stripe ID. But they have not created a listing yet, so they haven’t been moved to “contributer/vendor” status on the backend. So I would have to manually and their user account to the vendor list, and then create a listing and associate that listing with the newly created vendor account. I’m just making sure that the when I attach that user to a vendor account manually that it will pull over the Stripe acct they made with us!

If I understand correctly, they registered a Stripe account after the redirect from the Complete Profile form, but haven’t finished adding a listing? If so then it’s possible to set the Stripe ID via a custom code snippet, let me know if this works for you.

Ihor, that is correct!

Please try this PHP code snippet.

Please change put_vendor_id in the code snippet on the vendor ID, which you can find in the browser address bar between the words ?post= and &action= when you open the vendor settings in the Vendors/Vendors section in your WordPress admin panel.

Also, please change put_vendor_stripe_account_id in the code snippet on the vendor Stripe account ID, which you can find in the vendor account in Stripe.

Please just refresh any page of your website to activate this code snippet. Please remove this code snippet after you have successfully set new Stripe account ID for the vendor

		update_post_meta(put_vendor_id, 'hp_stripe_id', put_vendor_stripe_account_id);

But please note that it can require additional changes and testing. If you are not familiar with the code customization, then please consider hiring someone for custom work https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY

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