WooCommerce has no payment methods even though they are set up

I am using GoDaddy payments and WooCommerce with ListingHive. The checkout page says "no payment methods available’. See first screenhot. The second screenshot is showiing the payments are activated in WooCommerce. Yes, I do have my bank account set up and approved. When I go into the cart as admin in edit mode, it says blocks used in the Hivepress template are not compatible with Godaddy payment types (Screenshot #3.), which is highly unlikely, but I called them. Godaddy says they do not see any connection between the Hivepress template’s shopping cart and WooCommerce. They asked if I had purchased the correct extension. I have all the extensions but do not have all installed. Paid-listings is installed. Marketplace is not. I do not expect to need Marketplace for payments to work, but that is all I can possibly think of. This is stopping me from launching the site so help on a priority basis would be much appreciated. There is no custom code on the site, everything is OOTB.
I also set up Stripe to see if it connects to a different method - it does not.




I solved the issue by removing Godaddy payments.

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