WooCommerce to Facebook shop sync

I have connected my web store to Facebook/Instagram shop by woocommerce to Facebook sync plugin. All went fine but facing 2 issues.

  1. When user adds listing it also appears under products when market place is enabled, currently only title and price are synced between “hivepress listing” and woocommerce product. Is there a easy way to sync also photos. Facebook shop sync takes all the products from woocommerce list and without images, obviously there is no value
  2. Currently all products are “virtual” - facebook sync does not allow virtual products so cant sync them. What happens if I uncheck “virtual” and is there a way to do this automatically?


If you used a WooCommerce API or extension for this unfortunately there’s no simple solution because this extension doesn’t detect HivePress listings, it will fetch WooCommerce products only (HivePress generates hidden virtual products via Marketplace just for checkout purposes).

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