WordPress Headless with Hivepress

Can I use everything Hivepress features with Wordpress Headless JamStack concepts?

Unfortuantely there’s no JAM stack front-end for Hivepress at the moment, and HivePress itself has no 100% REST API coverage yet, but we’re working on it. As soon as we implement 100% coverage we plan to create a theme based on some front-end framework (most likely Vue.js), or a standalone app.


Thanks for the answer.
I’m learning jamstack and I would like to use HivePress to make a project.
There is a forecast of having a 100% API REST coverage?

About theme, it will be interesting to have a theme based on some front-end framework. If it was ReactJS i would be happy to contribute :wink:

There’s no ETA yet, but we’ll try to implement this as soon as possible. Mostly GET endpoints are missing, all the front-end actions like updating, reporting, deleting, etc. listings are already available in REST API.

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Great, thanks!

Hi Ihor,
its been some time since I’ve posted. I’m very interested in headless Wordpress version of Hivepress. Could you say if this will happen within the next few months/weeks?

It’s rather a matter of a few months, but a long-term plan is to release an app version of HivePress so we’ll implement 100% REST coverage for sure.

Thank you Ihor. Meanwhile is it possible for you to share how to query the data for all of the GET endpoints? Do you have this documented, if so can you point me to them(query GET endpoint)?


Please check the current REST API docs here HivePress REST API documentation It’ll refresh automatically as we add & document more endpoints in the HivePress code.

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