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I want to use the WP Job Manager plugin to post job listing and such, but when I create a job listing with that plugin, the title of the job listing does not show up. I know it is an issue with the integration with the RentalHive theme, because I tried it with other themes, and it showed up on those themes. Here is wordpress forum that depicts the exact same issue.

Sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee compatibility with WP Job Manager because it’s a standalone listing plugin and it duplicates many HivePress features and pages, keeping it with HivePress is like keeping 2 directory listing plugins within the same website. I highly recommend using a separate Jobs category in HivePress, e.g. with job-specific attributes and search filters, then extra job listing plugins may not be required.

Hey ihor,

Thanks for the response. How would I go on to do that? We are using the “RentalHive” theme so we already have users using the listings for house listings, but we want to add on to that by having users provide job services as well, and could we also have users create events and list them without a need of a plugin?


Sure, you can try using different listing categories for this purpose, then listings within different categories can have their own fields and search filters (using category-specific attributes). For example, you can create a category for Jobs and Events.

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