Wrap listing description with a custom DIV

Hi, I need help with the listing description block shortcode. I tried these [hivepress_description] and [hivepress_listing_description] but none works.

Unfortunately, there is no such shortcode. If you want to customize the single listing page, then it is possible to do with HivePress/Templates feature, where you can customize HivePress pages with Gutenberg blocks. Here is the tutorial on how to use this feature Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

Alright, actually I’m using the templates feature, but I wanted to wrap the description block in a div that has an id and class. Is there any other way I can achieve that? Thank you.

Note also, when I add the description block inside a columns block the paragraph tags are striped off becoming one block of text.

Yes, if you use custom templates you can add a Group block that wraps another (e.g. Description) block - it’s basically a DIV and you can set custom CSS classes in the block settings.

The description block should be formatted in any case, maybe it’s wrapped with an extra paragraph? This may break the formatting.

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