Wrong email sent when new request published

We are testing our website (an experthive site). We are testing publishing a public request that is to notify all vendors of a new request. After completing the request, the email received by the vendors was a “Personal Request to Vendor” that stated "A venue (our lingo for “buyer”) needs you to accept ".

Here’s our email log. as you can see Hivepress sent the correct email to our Admin email address in the 1st email… but the 3 emails that went to vendors were not the correct emails:

What might be the issue here?

Should vendors get notifications within the website in their profile that a new request was posted?
If so, this also isn’t happening.

And 1 more question…
What is the time delay for the request notification email to go out to vendors after it has been posted by a buyer?


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean by an incorrect email. Also, make sure you haven’t changed your emails in HivePress > Emails How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center
No, vendors should not receive such notifications on the frontend page.

Emails should go immediately, but it also depends on your WP Mail SMTP settings.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

We expect a new request email to be sent, with a link to the request.
Not what we’re showing as being sent.

Checking settings and will follow up. Thank you.

We checked and we did have a change in Hivepress email settings that was causing this… thanks for helping us find this…

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