Add geo location filter to the Listing Widget

Hello there,

Currently the Listing Widget has some filters to manage how it shows information as number of columns to display, category, order or show only verified or featured listings.

It would be very useful to add a new filter to the Listing Block settings with the Geo Locations of the visitors. This way, if this filter is on, the Listing Widget would only display listings that are close to the visitors location.

The visitors location would be a longitude - latitude spot. There are some plugins that provide this visitor location (if the visitor is using a VPN it may not work properly but by our experience in most of the cases it works fine).

As I have seen in many posts in this Forum this is a functionality that has been requested by many users. Please consider to include it. Showing Geo located listings would add great value to HivePress.

And for those users of the Forum that agree with this request please give it a vote or leave a like or a comment.

Thank you!!


If you mean searching by selecting a point on the map, unfortunately, there is no such feature, and it is not planned yet.


Thank you for your answer but I don’t mean that.

What I mean is that the Lisiting Widget could have a filter with the geo location of the visitors (latitude and longitude of this location can be provided by some plugins). This way the Listing Widget would only display listings that are close to each visitor location.

This is something that for example han been requested in these posts:
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And enabling Generate Regions functionality is not a solution because we need also location by radius.

Thank you once again for your support.


This feature is already available in this version, you can click the Locate Me button, which is located in the Location field and it will automatically determine the user’s location. But if you don’t click on the button and click search, it searches within the radius of the current location.


I already know that feature but I don’t think it’s useful that the visitors have to click on the Locate Me button and do a search. Instead of that it would be of great added value if the Listing Widget could display listings close to the visitors location, without doing any search.

That’s my request I would like you to consider in future versions.

Thank you very much.


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