Add multi-currency support

In General Topics there are alot of people with global marketplaces that would like multi-currency listing in ListingHive. Ihor had mestioned a few months ago in one message that it was on the road map.

  1. is there anyone else that needs this as well
  2. when would we expect this extension Ihor?

Please let me know if you mean multi-currency for Hivepress Marketplace or other monetization models? You can already use a third-party plugin to display prices in different currencies, but payments will be made in the primary currency anyway.

Hi ihor,
I’m using HivePress Paid Listings not Marketplace.

With Woocommerce Payments, they now offer multi-currency at checkout automatically. So purchasing listing packages through Woocommerce in the currency the customer requires isn’t an issue. Just need to work out how to add the currency switcher to the cart. :wink:

My issues are:

  1. Customers uploading a listing can’t choose the price and currency they want their listing to display in.
  2. Search - how would customers search listings in their currency

My website is global so I have listings from all over the world. If someone from the USA only wants to find listings that have been input currency USD.

I’m thinking #1 can be acheived through ‘Attributes’ but not sure how to approach the search issue. Can two attributes be linked?



  1. This should be fine if the Paid Listings and Marketplace extension is installed. Please provide more details that may help us identify or reproduce this issue (such as a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you are receiving).

  2. You can create multiple listing select attributes and mark them Searchable (How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center).

Hi Andrii,
I only have Paid Listings installed. Have purchased the Marketplace extension but it’s not the way I want my Marketplace to operate. Paid Listings are perfect as the websites purpose is to connect buyers and sellers.


Working with a global audience, I’m tying to let them select their own currency and price, then in the listing using the above example they will display together as EUR€200 or €200.

In the Attribute > Price > display > format

Is there a way to insert the currency the customer has chosen from the drop down menu in the currency attribute?

Plus …
I’m trying to display sizes like this

Is this possible?


Please check the solution in this topic Have the option to display multiple currencies.

Thank you Andrii, that worked for the currency/price.

Now can you help with the sizes please?

If you mean displaying sizes as a drop-down grid unfortunately it’s not possible in the current version, but if you added this as a custom attribute of Select type then options will be displayed as a drop-down list.

Thanks Ihor - do you think grid format will be added one day?

Yes, thanks for your feedback - we’ll try to add more UI options for attributes.

Could anybody explain how this solution worked? I’ve read the topic on How to display multiple currencies but i can’t understand. I just want users to select the currency attribute for their listing and show the currency along with the price in Block Primary and Page Primary


If you are using a custom price attribute, then you need to add another select attribute for the symbol How to add listing attributes - HivePress Help Center, and add it to the display area of your price attribute: %listing.currency% %value%, you can also check this sample: Create two dependent Select attributes - #5 by andrii. Additionally, you can use the third-party plugin YayCurrency Pro to display multi-currencies.

Hi Andrii, yes I’m using currency attribute (field name is “currency”) and a price attribute (filed name is “price”. I just don’t get what token I should use in display area of price attiribute.

%currency% %value%

does not work (it shows %currency% 20,00).



You must add these tokens to the display format: %listing.currency% %value%. But please note that this will simply allow users to choose a symbol and specify a price. If you need functionality to change the currency, I recommend using the YayCurrency Pro plugin.

Okkkk! Now I understand, thank you!