Add paid packages to requests

In a 2 sided market, not only can expert listings be monetized, but company requests can be too.

Since the experthive theme doesn’t currently allow a plan to be associated with requests, limiting the volume the way listings are limited, can you please add a feature to associate plans with requests and limit the number of requests that a use can create, the same way listings are associated with plans and limit the number of listings that a user can create.


Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature, currently the following monetization models are available with Marketplace and Paid Listings:

  • Charging a commission on every sale (listing and request payments)
  • Charging vendors for adding / featuring listings
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Thank you ihor, I understand. But who is charged a commission is important. If I could configure who is charged, my needs would be solved. The experthive theme charges the vendor (the job seeker!) and not the customer. Customers should pay, just like linkedin, indeed, glassdoor etc etc etc. I can’t charge a job seeker for looking for a job :slight_smile:

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It’s not possible to charge users for adding requests, but you can try adding a service fee as a custom tax in WooCommerce (if you process payments for requests via your site), e.g. 5% that users will pay extra on checkout (while accepting an offer).

A useful feature would be for vendors to pay to access or respond to user requests. This is a common business model used by sites like and that I’d like to implement but it is not available.

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Thanks, we’ll try to implement this monetization model, either via the Paid Listings update or by adding new features to the Requests extension.

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Thanks but I’m not charging %, I’m charging packages. This is what LinkedIn, ziprecruiter, Indeed, Monster, every job board does - charge packages to company.

There’s so many gaps with the experthive only charge a service provider approach that you’ve taken, that I’m having to rebuild the entire site on my own with other technology.

Yes, most of the monetization models available in the current version are mostly for charging vendors (via commissions, or via listing packages). We understand that some models may still be missing and we’ll try to implement this as soon as possible.

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I also think that it would be great.

  1. To add option of packages in the request section just as in the listing section in the backend.


Thank you hivepress team for this awesome plugin.


Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider duplicating the packages functionality for requests or adding requests support to the existing Paid Listings extension.

What is the current status? Will this feature be released in the near future? It is a fundamental part of our startup idea.

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Yes, it has a high priority, but there’s no ETA yet. We realized that we need a single extension to offer the commission based monetization feature (Marketplace) and another one for all the restriction-based monetization features (this will most likely be released as a Memberships update).


Alright. I‘m working with a developer-team to create a plugin for this feature, since it will be necessary part for our platform. Would you be interested in working together or did you already began to work on this extension?

We’re already working on it so it’s ok, developers can also use this forum - we can provide some general guidance about the API if this helps.

By the way, if there are developers familiar with HivePress and you’re happy with their work you can suggest them to register in our Experts program Experts | HivePress

Hey, is there any update on this topic?

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Sorry, this feature is not available yet but we’ll try to implement this as soon as possible.

Hello Ihor. Concerning this monetization, please consider chargig vendors for making offers, and charging clients for accepting offers …as packages. so that if client buys a package for X amount of money, they can accept X amount of offers, also vendor can make X amount of offers for X amount of money(package)


Hi, do you have an update regarding the plugin feature? I am also seeking a feature like this for my platform

Sorry, there’s no exact timeframe for this yet, a few urgent updates are required for the existing extensions but we’ll try to deliver this as soon as possible.

Is there any way I can get in touch with obey24com to check if they managed to develop the plugin?