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I use hivepress with listinghive theme for a real estate listing website. I would like to add more options for visitors to choose from before they click ‘search’. At present the website is set up so that they are able to choose the location and category (a drop down allows them to choose types of real estate: condos, houses etc.). I would like for the visitors to be able to also choose between rental property and property for sale - before they click search. At present they need to first choose the location and choose category, then click search and afterwards (as a second step) use the filter option located on the left side of the listings to choose rental vs for sale.

Searching becomes a two step process for them and I would like for them so that the initial three options to choose from (location, type of property and sale/rental property ) are the first step of the search.

Then when they get results they can go into more details using the filter option.

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Please edit this attribute in Listings/Attributes and mark it as Searchable, then it’ll appear in the search bar.

Yana, thank you for your reply. Where is the “mark as searchable” option. I am editing the atribute. Cant see the option. Thank you.

OK so I finally have it in the search box, but not on the main page. When you enter the main page ( you have to first select the location and type of property and click search… and only then the attribute that I created searchable appears as a third position in the search box next to location and type of property. But what is the sense of that to make this a two step process of searching? Why doesn’t the searchable attribute appear on the main page next to the location and property type search boxes???
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Please make sure that the searchable attribute is not category specific so it should not be assigned to any listing category. Then it should be displayed on the main page too

Thank you, it worked.

I have another question: in the main search box on the main page how do I change what is written as text that shows in the box when you first enter the site ( Have a look. It currently shows: ‘lokalizacje’ in the location search box and ‘wybierz kategorie’ (it means choose category). I want it to say something different in both boxes. I know how to change it for the attributes bot not for the category and location search box.

Thank you

Please refer to this topic about this issue Changing text in search box and category search box

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