Address empty in Google Maps when searching by business names

Hi all,

My site is having an issue with Geolocation/Google Maps on listings. Users are adding listings with Business Names (Places) which resolve in Google Maps search-box but on the listing site it will be “,” so when you click the location shortcut you get sent to Google Maps searching for ,

If I force users to enter a street address instead, then shortcut opens lat and long on map and not the business itself.

I guess in a nutshell, how can I enable users to add location as a business name so it resolves when clicking the URL/shortcut in listing. Often people want to meet up at a cafe or restaurant or car park of a business.

Many thanks


Can you please provide screenshots? It will help us understand the issue and suggest troubleshooting.

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Thanks, do you have an email I can DM you the UAT env and you can reproduce the issue easily.


Yes, if you need to send any private details (e.g. temporary WP access) please send these via email to with a link to this topic.

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