After search by dates make the dates be selected on listing

Now after the user search by specific dates and then choose some listing from the search result there is some UX issue. the dates that the user searched in the search form don’t appear on the listing page, the user has to choose the dates again before he orders.

It could be nice to add a feature that remembers the dates chosen on the search form and display it also when the user visits the listing page.

Thanks for your suggestion, this makes sense for reducing the number of clicks/inputs if the dates are already entered in the search form, I added this to the roadmap.

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how do I get the data range filter (that is based on the available dates in the listings) to show on the category/search pages?


Please refer to this topic Add dates field to the search form.

We did and i put a reply there how its not working according to the instructions

If the issue persists, please send more details about it - do you mean that the Dates field is not available for selecting in the Default Fields or it doesn’t appear in the front-end search form even when added?