Allow formatting in the category header

I requested a feature long time ago: Edits in Category page don't show up
In Jauary 23 you said that next theme update will bring that feature, but now that I updated the theme, it didn’t fix the problem.

Yes, sorry for the delay, currently there are more urgent updates and we have limited time resources at the moment. Please let me know if a temporary fix will work for you, we can provide the instructions.

Okay, please provide instructions.


You need to make changes to this file /hivepress/listing-category/page/listing-category-header.php through a child theme in the file you need to change esc_html( $listing_category->get_description() ); to apply_filters('the_content', $listing_category->get_description() );

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Thank you. Now the line breaks started to work, but the links still don’t work. It’s the links that I want to get working (for SEO reasons).


Please use this PHP snippet too:

	function( $model ) {
		$model['fields']['description']['editor'] = true;

		return $model;

Thank you, that fixed the issue. It didn’t change the color of the anchor, but that’s no problem, I can edit that in WYSIWYG.


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