Allow selecting a single date only

First at all, thanks for your support.
I have many questions at this time about Rentalhive.

  • if we work with a only ONE DAY bookings,
    we don’t need the Start date and end date after somebody click on “Request to book”, how can i change it for only a one date field?
  • the double click selection in calendar to request a book is still necessary some times, other times it works fine, but i dont know what does it depend on…
    Thanks a lot!

Please try this PHP snippet to hide the end date field

	function( $form ) {
			return $form;
		$form['fields']['end_time']['type'] = 'hidden';

		return $form;

If you mean double-click to select one date then please try to set 1 as the Maximum Booking Duration option for a listing

All is working now!

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