Issue changing the main search bar

in a older post, i asked about how to select a single date in booking calendar:

Now, I have configured the main search bar to show dates too (i think is necessary finally), but my previous configuration about simple click in dates, don´t work in this field, it forces me to double click again. (In bookings tab works fine).

How could i solve it?

Thanks a lot

Yes, if you mean the Dates field in the listing search form it always requires a date range, not a single date. If you enabled Daily bookings then date picker for the booking (on the listing page) allows selecting a single date.

“the Dates field in the listing search form it always requires a date range, not a single date.”
There is no way to change it?

Unfortunately no, at least in the current version, because the search function requires at least 2 dates (to search all the listings with the available dates within a range).

Ok, but…
Doesn’t make sense that you can enable daily bookings in booking page but not in listing search, right?

Single listings have daily logic but search has “any of the days within a range” logic. For example, if you use listings as events and there are 3 events that occur on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and I’m just looking for some events this week I can just select Monday-Wednesday and these 3 listings will appear in search. With a single date selection, I’d have to choose Monday, click Search, check results, choose Tuesday, click Search, etc. and this would be pretty annoying unless listings on your site have a different purpose and users always know a single day they’re looking for.

I understand,
yeah, in my case it’s the latter, to book only a single day. In listing I was able to do it, but not in main search.
What a pity.

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