Any tips on promoting my job board?

Now that I’ve gotten my site the way I want it to look and I’ve uploaded a decent amount of jobs (approx 100), I’d like to start promoting it.

I tried facebook ads but that hasn’t worked. First they rejected my ad because I tried to target a specific group of people (expats which is my target demographic. But Facebook flagged this as discriminatory???).

And then I changed it to fit their requirements but they locked my account for some reason. Not sure why. But either way, without being able to target my demographic (expats ), I think this would be a waste anyway.

So what are some other ways to promote my new job board? I’ve been looking into maybe advertising on google and reddit next.

Any other ideas? Have their been any successful case stories of people promoting their hivepress job board?


There are some general tips on how to promote your website"

  1. Google Ads - if set up correctly, you can drive decent paid traffic to your website. You should focus on “Search campaigns”.
  2. Social media groups (both local & regional) - try finding some groups for expats and ask admins if you can promote your website there.
  3. Crowd marketing - you should constantly monitor Reddit, FB, Quora and answer relevant questions about job-seeking.
  4. Blog - it’s almost always a great idea to start a blog and create content to drive organic traffic. Simply check out which topics are most looked by expants and create some quality content about that. But keep in mind that blogging is a long-term goal and it won’t bring you customers right away.
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Also, can you tell me more about the slugs? For example, in job categories, after the name there’s a “slug” box. Usually I keep it blank. Is that a mistake? Am I messing up my SEO by not including a slug for each category?

If you mean the category edit screen, the slug is generated automatically once you add a new category, it’s based on the category title but in lowercase and dashes instead of spaces. You can also set it manually if required, e.g. to make it shorter.

Ok good to know. Are there any things I should be aware of in the wordpress dashboard that may be hurting or helping my SEO?


First of all, make sure that you are using good SEO plugins like RankMath or Yoast. For better optimization, you can also use our HivePress SEO extension to optimize the HivePress-specific content.

Basically, you should remember about some key points when doing your SEO:

Also, you can check out this post to avoid some common mistakes 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a WordPress Listing Website | HivePress Blog

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Thanks for this. I tried the steps to speed up my website (except some of the options weren’t available. Maybe it’s because litespeedcache changed or something. Either way, I did everything I could do).

And now when I check pagespeed insights my score is really good for desktop: 93. But it’s only 43 for mobile. Why is mobile so much worse and what can I do to bump it up to the same level as desktop?

Read this: Site loading speed too low. Any tips or tricks to improve loading speed?

Don’t use elementor until it’s 100% compatible with HP. Try and keep your site simple. Don’t use extra cache settings if not needed. Change host. Run on google & see recommendations. But yea it’s common it seems by default that mobile is a lot slower than desktop for all of us.

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I’m not sure what elementor is but if it’s something you have to download, I don’t have it. And my site is simple already. Not too much I could do to make it more simple. And I don’t think the host is the problem if it runs great on desktop.


Please check out this topic Site loading speed too low. Any tips or tricks to improve loading speed? - #14 by sjeme

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