App for iOS and Android

It would be great seeing the development of an app. I am sure this would have a development cost but I am also sure many of was would e willing to pay for an app. We launched our website and we have more than 70% users from mobile, so having an app would be great.

Thanks, we have this on the roadmap, we’ll most likely release a separate React or Vue-based app for this purpose, based on the HivePress REST API.


That will be great. Thanks

This will bring it to a new level!

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I would love this… Please its actually needed

What do you mean by an app ? For the back end ?

An iOS or Android version of the theme that can be submitted to App Store and Google Play, we’ll probably do this using Vue.js so the same version can be used on the web and as an app.

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And all the work done on our website will be transfer to an app ?

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If you mean specific layout customizations these may not be fully converted, but CSS tweaks and content should be available by default.

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Sounds great. Let’s see. Thanks great work. You guys help people around the world to undertake


How can i do this using the Vue.js ?

This would require a completely custom development, we plan to release an app version of the theme. If you mean some simple code snippet unfortunately it’s not possible to turn a website into an app this way.

What about listings, users, hosts? Will it be possible to transfer data?

The data will not be affected, an app will act as a front-end and HivePress API will be used as a back-end.

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That will be great. Thanks
When will we see it? All themes will be compatible?

There’s no ETA for it yet, but this is the next big step in HivePress development. It’ll be like a separate theme (preserving all the data) since apps are based on different technologies (Vue/React, while the current themes render HTML via back-end).

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Would love to see an app as well! Glad to hear its in the works.


I agree, having an app is crucial for anyones success

Igor, first of all thank you very much for all your commitment and that of your team. You are amazing!! Is there already a forecas/ETA? An app really brings it to another level.

Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately there’s no ETA for this yet, but it’s a strategic part of our roadmap so it’ll be available for sure.