Booking calendar blocked off dates still in search

I am setting up the booking calendar. It is sent so that the vendor manages booking availability in their settings instead of per listing. Under the calendar tab, I block off some dates by selecting them and clicking the lock icon. Then I go to a listing and those blocked off dates are still in the search. What am doing wrong?


I did find out that if I try to schedule during that time, it does not allow me to. But it should be blocked off on the mini calendar when choosing a date.


Yes, we are aware of this issue, and it is already on the RoadMap, so we plan to improve it. Thank you for your feedback.

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This is kind of make-or-break for me. My vendors could lose customers by frustrating them with this. Until you guys fix it, do you have a function I can call to check which dates are blocked off so I can disable them with some jQuery? I’m not asking for any guarantees or custom development, just a function.


Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. However, if you are familiar with coding, we can provide general recommendations. Please post a topic on our forum, and our developer will help you with the information Development - HivePress Community.

Thank you for your understanding.


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