Function to check which days are blocked off for booking availability?

Apparently there is a known issue with the mini booking calendar not blocking off days that the vendor blocks off from their calendar. See more details here:


Since this issue will likely take months or years to fix, I need a workaround. Is there a PHP or JS function that I can use to check the availability myself? I can write a script in jQuery to block off the dates in the mini calendar myself. Just don’t know what function checks it or even where the data is stored so I can write my own function.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to fix it this way, this should be fixed at the source - the issue is that blocking a date range in the vendor calendar creating a hidden booking for the first vendor’s listing only, while it should create these hidden bookings (used for blocking dates only) for all of of the vendor’s listings.

We plan to fix this within 3 months max, this fix is added to the roadmap Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana The bug is pretty critical for per-vendor mode + availability search enabled so we may also move it to next month.

Hope this helps.

Okay, well then I will keep the booking plugin disabled until then. Bummer.

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