Can i use the license multiple sub domain on behalf of the main domain which i had used for the license?

can i use the licences key which i had used to develop the main domain and later on can i use the same license key for the multiple sub domain for the same domain?
and which plugin help me to translate the entire website from English to any language. i want the multi language website features on my hivepress theme.


If it’s the same website but with multiple subdomains (e.g. for different languages or service categories), it’s ok to use the same license.

For multi language option my hivepress website which plugin you prefer to translate my website’s contents in different languages? please let me know the best Solution for this


Unfortunately, there’s no 100% integration with WPML (multi-language) in this version.

Please try following the suggestions regarding multi-language integration here Integration with WPML - #6 by ihor

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