Change default text in "Add Listing" button

Please let me know how to change the text for the default in the “Add Listing” button on top of the page. To say something other than Add Listing. Can I change that text to something else?


The easiest way is described in this doc: How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center

Hope this is helpful.

I cannot find the button in any LocoTranslate file. Can you help me where to find it?


“Add Listing” text can be found in Loco Translate > Plugins > HivePress.

Please check the screenshot:

Hope it helps.

Hi Nikita,
for me the button is called “List a Property” and I can’t find it in LocoTranslate. I can find “Add Listing” and change the translation, but this doesn’t change the button. Can you please help me?



You can find the “List a Property” string in Loco Translate > Themes > RentalHive.

Here’s a screencast showing how to change the label for this button: How to translate RentalHive - HivePress Help Center

Hope it helps.

thanks - finally found it. My fault - I searched in the plugins, not in the theme…

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