Change the Order of the Vendor Attributes on Registration Level

Hi. We would like to change the Order of the Vendort Attributes on Registration level and to have the “Anrede” before the First Name.

Is there any chance to do this?

In addition we would like to add just one Definition name: *Pflichtfeld

Can you tell us how to do this?

Please try using the code snippet suggested here Registration Process Vendor User - #26 by yevhen

hanks, we check first point and get back.
2. When the user puts in all details and submits it, the page is not forwarding him/her to the listing page and does not indicate that the details were saved. What can be wrong?

Please send more details about this issue, what happens after you click the Save Changes button, the page refreshes, or there’s an error message, or nothing happens? Are there any specific steps to reproduce this issue, or specific settings/plugins you’re using?

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