Create WooCommerce order for free order


Following our discussion by email and this topic : Create WooCommerce order for free booking.
The bug has been confirmed. Is it possible to get a fix asap ?


cc @andrii


We apologize for the long wait time, but we have limited development resources at the moment, our developer will review it as soon as possible. Please make sure that temporary access is still available.

Sorry for the delay. To temporarily fix this, please change line 1401 in hivepress-bookings/includes/controllers/class-booking.php:

} elseif ( hivepress()->get_version( 'marketplace' ) && $listing->get_price() ) {


} elseif ( hivepress()->get_version( 'marketplace' ) && !is_null($listing->get_price()) ) {

Then there should be a checkout redirect even if the booking is free.

Thank you very much Ihor, working great!

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