CSV file for import does not work

Hi all

I just bought the import listing extension, everything is up and running and looking good. But I am not sure how to prepare files appropriately for the import feature to accept them, i keep getting the error message: the file could not be read.

I have attached some screenshots of the csv file i am trying to upload, could someone give me some instructions i can work with?


Please provide more details. What file format are you using? What error is displayed? You must use a CSV file created, for example, via Google Docs. Also, note that no specific format will be used in the CSV file; it all depends on the categories and attributes. Additionally, please check this doc How to set up and import listings - HivePress Help Center

If the issue exists, please send us the file you are trying to import to our mail, we will check in more detail support@hivepress.io

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hi. Andrii,

I am using a CSV file created with numbers (Apple). Please find the error message in the attachment to this message


Most likely, this is an issue with the file itself; please try using this file from the link and see if the issue still exists Sample CSV file - Google Drive. Also, there may be issues with the hosting provider, so I recommend testing another one.

Hi anderii,

This seems to work. Thank you!

All the bests,

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