Custom Offer + Price per Hour

Hello everyone,

as anticipated in another post I am trying to implement a “custom offer” alongside the price per Hour to date set on my site.

Have any of you ever used the “Woocommerce” plugin called “Product Add-ons”? Do you know if there is compatibility with Hivepress?

As you see from the screenshots it allows you to create in the “back end” a label that will be inserted in all listings.

Which will be displayed in “front end” like this.

This is a test environment that woocommerce provides. Before purchasing and trying in my test environment I wanted to know if anyone had the same idea and if there are any incompatibilities calculating precisely that my Hivepress site is configured with a “price per hour”.



Please try to use the price extras feature instead of “custom fee”:

If you want to add price add-ons to any product or service, you can enable the price extras feature. To do that, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the Marketplace extension and the WooCommerce plugin are installed and activated.

  2. Navigate to HivePress > Settings > Listings > Price section and allow sellers to add price extras.

Now, when adding a new listing or editing the existing one, vendors can add price add-ons in the listing submission form.

As a result, users can select price add-ons when purchasing a service or product, which will be automatically added to the base price.

Product price add-ons from WooCommerce will not work on listing pages because they are embedded in WooCommerce product pages.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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Hi @andrii

yes yes we have already added that for “extra price” what we want though is that the customer and the seller can agree on a forced and custom price just for that performance and then one of the two can send precisely this “custom offer” and pay.


A customer wants to book a service for 1 hour that comes $100. Since the service is done in another city they could both agree to an increase only for that service (100+$30 travel expenses). So without changing the listing and increasing the price, the seller and client can enter a “custom offer.”

Like precisely the screenshot I was showing above.

The one you refer to we already use for example to put in an extra service that might be required. I have a band and you want it is $100 if you want me to bring my own equipment you add $50, if you want me to bring other band members $60 and so on

@cerealkey This is great. I hope there’s a way to implement this on HP. The way HP works, a vendor cannot update a booking (change price) once a listing has been booked so this would be a great solution.


I completely agree this would be a fantastic addition to add some much needed flexibility for the vendor.

From an admin perspective we should also have the ability to set a minimum asking (bidding) price for the entire site just like a minimum price per hour / daily setting. That way we know that no host can accept a $1 offer for a listing and we have to eat the Stripe/CC fees.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback everyone, we’ll try to add more pricing options. Currently the only way to do this with Bookings is to set the price extras, then customer can decide if they need this extra service and check it (but the downside is that this doesn’t require vendor approval, but there may be a workaround with Booking Requests instead of instant bookings). With Requests (those added by the HivePress Requests extension) customers can post a request with their own budget, and vendors can bid by making offers (you can allow more than 1 offer per vendor, so vendors can post offers with and without extra services).

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