Price per hour in Requests extension


I would like to know whether the HivePress Requests extension can be installed together with an hourly price?

Can the hourly price be left and allow the artist to create a request where offers can be entered? Is it possible to see a preview of the product?

I have already tried several extensions that do not work, hoping they would be compatible with your theme, but nothing. Custom Offer + Price per Hour

Thank you!


Unfortunately, the hourly price is not yet available in the Requests extension.

There is a completely custom budget that the client specifies, and vendors can offer their own.

You can offer or specify a time-based price, but you must specify a total price.

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Hi @andrii Do any of you know of any extension that allows you to send a customised request at the time of booking?

I tried 3 or 4 that support Woocommerce but didn’t support Hivepress.


Unfortunately, we are aware of such extensions. Most likely, you will need additional integration and customization, even if you find a similar extension for your needs.

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