Customize the Submit Listing Page

How can I customize the /submit-listing/details/ page?

I’d like to add some additional instructions on that page, but when I go to Templates >> Add Listing (details), there’s no Hivepress Widget available for the Listing Details form. So the page ends up being just my edits, but missing the Add Listing form.

Is there a way to add that form in on the Add Listing (details) Template?

Thank you for all your hard work!

If you added a new page in HivePress/Templates and assigned it to the “Add Listings (Details)” template please check a list of blocks on the left (the “Template” section), there should be a block named just “Form”. In the template context, it shows the listing submission form.

AHA! There it is. I was searching for blocks containing the word “Hivepress” but I see the one labeled “Form”.


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