Disable account deletion for users

Could You switch off or modify the option of deleting accounts by users in their settings panel?
I think that absolutely the best would be if Administrator could choose in dashboard settings if users can delete their account by themselves or not (while setting up, or while using, the hivepress website).

When the option would be off, then any user as a result of hitting the “delete account” option would send a message that he wants his account to be removed by Administrator (for eg. via administrator main e-mail).
Thanks to that option the Administrator has the possiblity to switch all user listings to draft and he can store them in his dashboard ?

The option of sending an e-mail after a successful account deletion would be great (gdpr etc.):

Just use CSS to hide the Delete account button with (display: none;) function.

.hp-link:not(:hover) {
    display: none; 

Then make it clear to customers if they want to delete their account they need to contact the website support team for a confirmation of the deletion.

Just an idea for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding an option for this. Please try using this CSS snippet as a temporary solution:


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Thank You. That is a sample soltution solving my main problem :slight_smile:

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That would be great to have a little more control over the accounts and gdpr regulations.