Disable Price field in service listings

I would like to disable the price field when creating listings. The hourly rate would be enough.

The workflow should look like this:
Vendor creates Listing with hourly rate → User requests service by giving specifics on what is needed → negotiation takes place → Vendor creates offer → user accepts and pays → vendor performs task → user accepts task → ratings take place

As I understood the price field comes from the marketplace extension. But I do not want to disable it, because I want the woocommerce integration and want users to be able to pay via platform.

What is the solution to this?

Or can I just disable the marketplace extension without any downside and without losing the woocommerce integration with payment features?


If you installed Marketplace, the price will always appear for listings since it’s required for processing payments. Please consider disabling Marketplace in WordPress/Plugins if you don’t need prices for listings.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Does this mean I will not be able to process payments if I disable marketplace?
Is the above workflow still possible if I disable marketplace?

Please do not simply repeat what I already posted in the question.
I try to reframe:
I do not need a price field when creating listings. The hourly rate is enough.

I want users to request a service from the vendor. The vendor then makes an offer based on the information given by user. The user accepts the offer and pays the price.
Is this possible if I disable the marketplace extension?

Okay, I’ve now tested what it means to disable the marketplace extension. The option to create an offer with a price also disappears in the offer process.

This means I cannot use Experthive in its current state for my marketplace. I need the following two workflows:

  1. Vendor creates listing:
    Vendor creates a listing including the hourly rate but without a fixed price → User requests service including a description of the specific service (additionally to the write a message button in the listing there is an “ask for offer” button) → Vendor makes an offer based on the request → User accepts the offer and pays through the platform.

  2. User creates request:
    User submits a request asking for a quote → Vendors submit offers including the price → User decides on an offer, accepts it, and pays.

These workflows cannot be represented currently. Would it be possible to implement the workflows with the help of a developer, or would the intervention in the extensions be too significant that it actually makes no sense? What would this mean for future Hivepress updates? They would no longer be an option for me, right?


Yes, unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations are required for your site, please try customizing it using the collection of code snippets Search · user:hivepress · GitHub and other developer resources, or consider hiring someone for custom work https://fvrr.co/32e7LvY. Also, please check this topic: Where to find devs familiar with HivePress

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