Does the request extension work the same on all themes

how will the requests extension work on listinghive theme?

do the payments go directly to the vendor or do they have to requests payouts?

does it work the same as on the taskhive theme or are there differences?


All the HivePress add-ons work perfectly with any of our themes.
To enable payments and commissions, you need to install the Marketplace extension as well. Everything works like an escrow. Meaning that all the funds are on hold by the platform and then freelancers can request payouts.

thank you serhii.

will your extensions work with other themes like just creating custom themes in gutenberg with the hivepress blocks?

or would there be features missing without your hivepress themes?

if we use another plugin/theme for custom login pages rather than your login modal on your themes will it be compatable with the hivepress extensions?


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee 100% compatibility with third-party plugins, so you may need to do some additional customization or integration. Most likely not, you’ll have two login pages displayed, so you’ll need a custom implementation.

what about themes?

should you plugin/extensions work with all themes?

or just hivepress themes?


Please check this doc Compatibility with third-party themes - HivePress Help Center

thanks andrii!

by any chance is there a #user_login_modal for hivepress in ajax or anything other than wp-json?

if not, please see my next post below…

i’d like to do what is discussed in the following:

i got this to work by changing the user-login-link.php file to
but the links for register and forgot password still popup the modal.

what url’s should i use for register and forgot password pages?


Unfortunately, such pages do not exist; you will have to create them manually. Forgot password is a modal window by default.

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