Error upload_max_filesize when uploading a theme


I just purchase the rentalhive theme but when i try to install it did not working. Please see attached what came out after i click intall now button.

Hi, if you are using wordpress then go to plugins/add new, then on top click upload. Then grab and drop the install zip file in box.

Also, note that setting the license key doesn’t install the theme, its ZIP package should be installed manually in Appearance/Themes section. Setting the license key in HivePress/Settings/Integrations enables automatic updates for the theme and its included extensions.

Read this also:

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i try to install theme first and follow the guideline already but still cannot install the theme manually in appearance section. What should i do?

this is what i do >>>

Then i click install now. But it cannot be installed. it happen like the photo i attached.

If you are using wordpress then, get the zip file from email and go to plugins/add new then on top click the upload button. From there grab the zip file and paste it in the install zip file box.

for the theme i need to upload the zip file in appearance > theme section right? Not in plugins section. Now the problem is i cannot upload the theme ini theme section so i cannot proceed to next step which is upload the plugins

try to upload the theme in the plugin section and see if that works

i try to upload the zip file theme thru cpanal> file manager> theme. And its works

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Thanks for posting the solution. Yes, this error may appear if the upload limit on your site is too low, e.g. if it’s set to 1mb. I recommend increasing it because users may get the same error when uploading the listing images How to Increase the Max Upload Size in WordPress

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