ETA for the next HivePress update

I want to know when will be the Hivepress’s new version ?


Please provide us with more details. Are you waiting for some new features?

I want to create two attributes, for example, car mark, and models. When the user chooses mark BMW in the model’s attribute, it shows BMW models, for example, X5, e39, e46 …


You can already do it by creating “Select” attributes.

For example, you can create an attribute called “Car Make” and use the field type “Select” then add options like “BMW” as parent options and the models (e.g., “X5”) add as child options to this model.

Please check the screenshot below

Thanks for the help, but I want like in image, when I choose the BMW in other columns open the BMW’s models

Is it possible to create like in the image in the current version of Hivepress?



Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, it would require a custom implementation. But as a workaround, please use a solution in this topic Create two dependent Select attributes - #5 by andrii

​I hope this is helpful to you.


Thanks for the help, but I want to know is it possible in the new version will be the feature like in the image? when example choose the car mark BMW and in another attribute can choose only models of BMW.

Thanks for your attention!


We have no plans to add this feature yet, but thank you for the information, we will consider this feature and try adding it in future updates.

Hi @andrii any new HivePress Theme coming soon? :slightly_smiling_face: thanks


If you mean a new theme, we plan to release it in the first or second quarter of this year. If you mean an update for the HivePress extension, we plan to release it in the first quarter of this year.

is update the HivePress, fully support woocommerce HPOS ??

Thank you so much!


Full HPOS support will be available after the next update of the Marketplace extension. If you do not have the Marketplace extension installed, the HPOS feature should work correctly.

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