Exact address shows in search results + MapBox not showing + date selection error

Even though the tickbox “Hide the exact address” the address is shown in the search results and on the Listing page.
Using MapBox - the map and pinned location doesn’t show on the Listing page (immediate view or on showing the Location tab. Search results show appropriate pins on the map.
Date selection on Listings page (web and mobile) when clicked doesn’t popup the calendar to select the date

Some help with these issues would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

For MapBox, this feature doesn’t exist. You can try to use Google Maps.

About the second question, please send more details that may help to detect or reproduce this issue (e.g. a link to your site, screenshots, a list of installed plugins, or the error message you get).

I am now not running any cache
It’s running HivePress Version 1.6.15

  1. Thanks for reporting this, it’s a bug in the latest version, and we’ll release a quick fix for this.

  2. Once you switch to Google try to edit a listing and re-select the location, it should fetch address without a building number.

  3. You can override the Listings page template using HivePress/Templates Overview | HivePress Templates - YouTube

  4. If some category is not displayed please try editing and re-saving it, this will refresh the HivePress cache.

1 Cool, when you say quick fix - what kind of ETA?

2 I swithced to Google, the maps are now loading properly. When all Days are selected.

3 Thanks about the Templates, that answers a load of my other questions :wink:

  1. I deleted the three default template Categories and it refreshed the cache. Which then ordered the Categories on the listing page a-z. Perhaps some initial issues with your defaults?

Thank you

Another issue - Host # of Listings doesn’t want to update.
I deleted your template Listings. The Host area on the Listings page - down the bottom states “# Listings” This doesn’t refresh.
I tried refreshing the Listing. I tried refreshing the Host.
No change.

Ah, and I didn’t get a response about the images not displaying correctly.
Thank you

1, 2. We plan to release an update today.

  1. Thanks, we’ll try to debug this further.

If the listing images are hidden please update RentalHive to 1.0.5, this is the latest version. Other issues like non-clickable calendar and hidden map on the listing page should be resolved after today’s HivePress update.

P.S. If you purchased any of the themes or extensions please set the license key in the forum profile, this will enable the Premium Support badge - this ensures a 24-hour turnaround time.

Besides adding text and a $ amount - is there a way to add extra options to a Listing?
e.g. Hire out a carport, have the option for wash at a price.

Another thing I forgot.
Host adds a Listing, it requires approval. It is highlighted in the Listings area on the wordpress menu. BUT, I can’t seem to find a quick method to Approve posts other than Editing the Listings.
Is there another way?
Would be ideal to be able to go to the Listings menu in wordpress. Click the tickbox next to the Listing that I wish to approve and bulk update.

Last one for today.
When the default emails are sent for Booking confirmed, Listing submitted, Listing approved - all sent to the main wordpress account. But, it says wordpress@mydomain.com.
I assume that this isn’t happening to the Host emails?

Thanks, I’m glad it’s useful!

  1. Images follow settings in Settings/Media, for example the square image is not resized because it’s 550x550px and the default cropping threshold is 800x600. Please try adjusting settings there and re-upload images, or use this plugin reGenerate Thumbnails Advanced – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

  2. Please try re-saving one of the host listings, this should refresh cache.

  3. Unfortunately there’s no way to remove the street name in the current version, but we plan to add a fully editable location format option as soon as possible.

  4. Yes, it’s possible but in the current version this requires customizations for the hivepress/v1/templates/listing_view_map template.

  5. Yes, if you use Marketplace with Bookings please enable Price Extras in settings, hosts will be able to define extras (per booking, per guest per booking, per day, etc).

  6. The easier way is clicking Quick Edit and changing status to Publish, you can also select multiple listings and click Bulk Edit changing the status.

  7. Please try following these instructions How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

1 Ok, I’ll check things out

2 Resaving did nothing

3 I’ll look forward to that increased functionality

4 ok I’ll check it out

5 which Marketplace? A different WooCommerce you mean?
I have HivePress Bookings installed. Enable “Price Extras” in settings - which settings?

6 & 7 Ok thanks.

Another error
I added two Packages, 1 free, 1 featured.
When a new user creates account and goes to add a Listing they are not given the choice between the two - which according to your video they should.

Another error
When I make a booking I’m not charged for the booking. Is this an error?
Or your system doesn’t allow $ to be paid for a Listing unless you add in the HivePress Marketplace plugin?

my apologies, I followed through the Package process further and it was shown and the ability to purchase a Listing.

I new user/Host signs up
Then goes to add a Booking of a Listing
The booking is approved, there is no payment page, it is just booked.
What is going on? Obviously a step missing for the payment processing.

How is the Host paid if you’re not using the HivePress Marketplace plugin?

Thanks, I added the host’s listing count issue to the bug tracker, will be fixed in the next update.

Yes, Marketplace extension is required for booking payments, it’s included with the RentalHive theme. Once you enable it, you can also enable pricing features like Price Extras in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling, set up payouts for hosts, etc.

HivePress extensions is showing that HivePress Marketplace is an extra $39, not included.

If you already purchased RentalHive please download the Marketplace extension via the purchase email, if you install it using the downloaded ZIP please ignore the status in HivePress/Extensions.