Funds now showing in vendor balance when you use Stripe

After the full Stripe Connect setup: I logged in as a vendor on my site, created a listing, created the necessary Stripe Express account that I was directed to, then priced the listing at $5. Then from another account I purchased the listing via debit card and marked the transaction as complete.

I see the transaction history in Woocommerce and it left my debit card acc, but there is no balance in my vendor stripe express account, nor in my admin Stripe Connect account (of my commissions). Did I just send the money to god or what? The Stripe team can’t track it and says to contact Hivepress.

Question 2: If you have plans to create a PayPal version of this automated Stripe connect in the coming future, then I will just use manual payouts until that date. Please give an estimate of when this feature could arise (eg. 3 months, 7 months, a year)


If you are referring to automatic payouts in regards to Stripe Connect, then we recommend that you check if everything is set up correctly, please see this doc: How to enable automated payouts - HivePress Help Center. Also, we initially recommend that you do not use real cards, but simply test mode, which can be enabled in the WooCommerce or Stripe settings.

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