Stripe funds for vendors not showing

Good afternoon, I have the same issue as Funds now showing in vendor balance when you use Stripe. Created a listing service and added the necessary informartion for my Stripe Express account that I directed to.
In Woocomerce and in the balance of my debit card it is reflected that i payed for the service, but in the stripe express account it is not reflected or show anything of the transaction that was made. I use the test mode first and it connected fine, with no problem, but when I changed it to live version the payout request doesn´t reflect the balance of the stripe express account. I cannot request a payout with Stripe, and where did the money went after the transaction was completed?


We can only provide general recommendations on how to set up Stripe Connect: How to enable automated payouts - HivePress Help Center

For more information, I recommend checking out Stripe’s documentation or contacting their support.

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