Google calendar dates not populating to bookings calendar

I’ve copied the url for the secret ical address (private) from my google calendar and pasted it in the booking import url field in user settings.

I have a test appointment on the calendar that has been on there for 6+ hours and still has not shown up on the booking calendar on my site.

I have it working the other way, Bookings showing up on my Google calendar.

What should I be looking for that may be the issue?


Please check the ICS link. To do so, copy and paste it into the search bar of any browser and make sure it loads (It’s better to do it in incognito mode).

OK, I did that and it downloads the calendar and opens the appt that I set in my google calendar in my PC’s calendar view.

So that seems to work, if that’s what the expected result was supposed to be.

If possible, please send this ICS link via email to and we’ll try to test it locally. When we try to test our own Google Calendar links it seems to be ok.

Hi Ihor,
I’m sending this now.

I just checked my Hivepress Calendar for this account and it is now showing the date as blocked on the calendar.
The Hivepress Calendar is not displaying the title from the google calendar “Booked - Do Not Overbook”. Is this because it’s an all day appointment? or does it pull that data?

I’ve changed the google calendar appt to a partial day booking to see, 1st of all how long it takes to update and 2nd if it will display the name of the appt.

What is the cycle that the Hivepress Calendar is on to go out and check for updates?

Thank You,

The changed “Booked - Do Not Overbook” appt has not yet changed to a partial day booking.

I added an appt to 11/24 and it showed up on the Hivepress calendar within about 10 minutes.

I have since added a 12/2 appointment to the google calendar and as of this posting (approximately 1 hour later):

The 11/25 appt is still reflecting an all day appt as opposed to a partial day appt
The 12/2 appt still is not on the Hivepress Calendar

I am continuing to monitor the Hivepress Calendar to see when the above will reflect as updated. as of right now there doesn’t seem to be any regular cadence to when Hivepress looks for updates. Either that or fixes have been happening on the backend that I am unaware of that has caused the updates that I’ve seen so far.


The 12/2 appt was just added to the hivepress calendar.
Nothing else has changed.

It seems the Hivepress calendar is pulling new appts from the google calendar about every 2 hours.

However, it does not seem to want to clear any deleted appts. any previous appts that were pulled that are now no longer on the google calendar continue to persist on the Hivepress calendar.

I am continuing to monitor the Hivepress calendar to see if it will remove the appts that I deleted from my google calendar.

Thank you for waiting.

  1. The title from the Google Calendar is not taken by HivePress calendar functionality as it takes only the dates of the booking

  2. Yes, HivePress calendar functionality gets data from third-party platform calendars every 2 hours. But updating data on external calendars depends on a third-party platform you’re syncing the listings with, e.g., for Google Calendar, it takes a few hours or more

No problem Yevhen,
Can you address the Hivepress Calendar not removing deleted appointments that have been deleted from the google calendar that were previously added?

I still have an all day appointment on my Hivepress Calendar that I deleted from my google calendar over 24 hours ago.

Hello, any update on HIvepress calendar not removing deleted google calendar events?

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

Also, please send some dates that are opened in Google Calendar and are not opened in the HivePress calendar.

Hi Yehven,
I have sent temporary WP access to the email address you have specified. Access is available for 1 week.

The event in google calendar was an all day event for 11/25/2023.
and it was directed to the calendar for user “ourlittlesecretstore2021”. when you look at the calendar you’ll see that the whole day is still locked for this user’s calendar for that day.


Unfortunately, we did not receive a temporary link. If you sent it automatically via the temporary access plugin, I recommend that you send it manually, as automatic notifications may not be received.

Hello Hivepress Team,
I manually emailed a link.

Hello Hivepress Team,
I have extended access for 1 week and have sent a link via email to the support email address.

Thank you for waiting. We have contacted you by email.

Hi Yevhen,
I have also responded by email.