Hide filter button when no filter is available

Hi there,
I am following up on this thread. If a user does not select any category and click search, there is nothing to filter by, however the filter button is displayed and serve no purpose. Clicking on the button does nothing. Can you please help with a code snipped to hide the filter button if there is no filters? I attached a screenshot of the button to hide if there is no filter.

Thanks so much!


I see. As a workaround, please try enabling the Display categories instead of the listings feature in HivePress > Settings > Listings, this will motivate the user to select a category first and then filter for this or that category.

Thanks for the suggestions but I already have the categories listed on the home page. I like the results I get when “All categories” is selected. However the “filter” button that is not doing anything is confusing for the users. It seems like a standard behavior not show a button with no action attached to it. If you can help with a snippet to hide that when there is nothing to filter, I would greatly appreciate.



I see. We checked this in more detail, and unfortunately, there is no simple snippet. It is necessary to review the code in more detail and customize it with additional tests.

Well, that’s disappointing. I didn’t think that hiding a button that should not be there in the first place would be this difficult. Is this something you plan to have in future release? It doesn’t seem like a UX best practice to show a button that serves no purpose.



Unfortunately, we do not plan to add this feature yet.

I have the same problem, it was even confusing for me, so what about the users themselves?
we need a solution to hide the filter button if there no category selected or at least show list of categories so when the user select one category it shows the filtration of this category

I’ve spent the past three weeks attempting to get the HivePress team to review this issue. They’re labeling a possible solution as a “feature,” although it clearly seems like a bug, given that such behavior isn’t expected. I believe the lack of widespread complaints stems from the fact that most users do not incorporate categories into their search bars. Regardless, I reported this as a bug here and apparently the hivepress team moved it to General, instead of bug report :frowning_face:. I encourage you to add your comments to that. The more individuals highlight this problem, the more likely the team will consider addressing it. Currently, my site looks quite unprofessional with a random button on the left, and I’m at a loss on how to conceal it.

I will give you a solution that might help you till the problem is fixed

make the website with registration, keep the categories for non registered and if they need to check the listing then they should register even for free, use the arm membership plugin it is free

and in the entire site the use will check it by category and remove the category from the search bar so the user uses only the category blocks

I know it is not comfortable but still we can find a solution

check this topic, I didnot get what does he mean by searchable and filtrable but I can see the reply was ok

Hello @QueenEve , Thanks so much for your response. Can you help me understand your suggestion better?

  • How do you keep categories from non registered users?
  • How does that help hide the “filter” button?
  • What is the arm membership plugin? It sounds like something I could use.

1- Dont hide categories for non registered users, no show categories for non registered. on the home page or any page add a block, choose listing categories, then download ARM membership plugin ( or choose any other membership plugin there are a lot of free plugins) that can hide the listings from the non registered users , so if the user clicks on the photo of the category it shows a lock screen that the user should register , and in that case you will have more users on your website and it will show only the category page with it own filter

2- filter option wont hide, it will be shown by category which is good better than showing empty

3- arm plugin is a membership plugin but there a lot of other free plugins you can try

actually this works with me because I have paid membership website and I thought this might be useful for you

Thank you for your explanation! I don’t think this will work on my site because users don’t need to register to search listings unless they want to save search or review listings and I want to keep it like that, at least for now.
However, the Arm plugin looks quite interesting, I wonder how it differ from the hivepress membership plugin that I don’t use that one either. Good to know these options are available.